Listed below are a few of the things I can teach you to help you have a more enjoyable time on the water.

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Booked into the sounder training not really knowing what I was in for. Soon as I got to the ramp brad helped put the boat in. Once we got Going in the port river I knew this was money well spent. What I thought I knew about the sounder is irrelevant to what brad has taught me. I can now spot fish, record maps of my favourite areas. Tune my sounder into the conditions. Tell what sort if bottom I’m over. And tell the difference between crap in the water and fish. During the whole trip he was very easy to talk to and is a all round top bloke. I think we even went over time a bit and he didn’t mind in the slightest. Highly worth the money. Should charge more!

David Rebbeck


Just got back from a cruise on the snappertron with brad I hope you enjoyed the little joy ride lol and Wow I was so blown away about what brad knows about sounders and GPS he is like a magician can show you all the tricks and all the hidden objects.highly recommend

Bryan Gatto


Spent a few hours with Brad in my boat going thru the operation of my new sounder….A great guy with a wealth of knowledge…..Highly recommend his services…Keep up the great work Brad

Wayne Tonkin


Def worth it Brad knows his stuff taught me a lot about my Little Lawrance elite-5

Mick Walker