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Got the boat and sounder but need help learning how to use them, give me a call, email or drop me a message to talk about how I can help, I will teach you how to get the most out of your sounder/plotter and manually tune it, read whats on your screen, depending on what sounder, but also how to create your own detailed maps. This is not about catching fish but teaching you the basics on how to improve your fishing experience to get more fish in your boat and leaving you confident for your future adventures.

Sonar advice

We all know that choosing the right sounder to suit you and your fishing needs is a hard choice. With so many on the market and technology changing constantly the decision can be hard, let me help you make a informed decision that you and your hip pocket will be happy with.

Sounder Tuition

Teaching you on your boat how to tune, read and get the most out of your electronics. There is no point having the latest gear and not knowing how to use it. Get the most out of your sounder for a fraction of what it cost you. I Will travel all over Australia to help you with your sounder, all I need is numbers. Contact me for how we can make this happen anywhere in Australia. Your boat, Your Sounder, My knowledge.

What makes me different from the rest?

We have all been into a shop not knowing exactly what we want, only to have the guy behind the counter give you a spill on the product straight from the product pamphlet. That doesn’t help anyone. I have invested countless hours using all the major brands getting to know them in and out. I can tell you what they do and what they don’t do. I can tell you transducers to suit your style and what head units can and cant do. I pride myself on giving an unbiased run down on products and what they are capable of, I also use sounders nearly everyday of the week so everything I’m telling you is from first hand experience, not a sales pitch.

We’re a Dynamic Company With One Goal

Giving you the confidence for your on water adventures

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