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Humminbird Release G3 Range of Electronics

Since their first release of side and down imaging back in 2004, Humminbird have always tried to be a step in front of the game with releasing new concepts like 360 imaging, Lake Master and more recently taking side and down imaging into the MEGA range of frequencys.

Being mainly aimed at the Bass, Bream and freshwater markets its good to see them dabbling a bit further into the saltwater and offshore areas, now made a lot easier with the new G3 generation units.

So how does G3 differ from G2. G2 sonar was a game changer with the release of Mega Imaging, the higher 1200kHz frequency meant detail like no other, there was nothing on the market that could match the fine detail images mega bought to the table. Now, the G3 brings all that still and now more, there were comments made about running higher frequencys meaning you couldnt cover distance, you either had detail or you had power, not any more.

The G3 units now pack the punch with 3 times greater detail than 455kHz with the power to punch out to 200ft either side of you boat giving you a 400ft coverage, what does this give you? 20 percent move detail and a wider coverage than the older G2 units.

Still not enough? The new G3 also offer Dual Spectrum Chirp Sonar, with this technology you will not only get greater individual fish returns but also greater target seperation with the ability of giving greater fish and structure seperation with a better depth penetration. Dual Spectrum also allows you to choose between a few modes, wide mode giving you greater fish arches and also Narrow mode for greater depth and target seperation.

The HELIX G3/G3N family consists of five screen sizes (7-inch only offers standard mega, mega + is available in the new 8-inch, 9-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch), with each size offering three CHIRPing sonar model options – GPS 2D sonar, MEGA Down Imaging®, and MEGA Side Imaging+. All models allow users to download software updates via Bluetooth when available and come with a manufacturer’s warranty (one year for HELIX 7 units and two years for HELIX 8, 9, 10 and 12 units). The new units are also compatible with Humminbird LakeMaster® charts, SmartStrike™and Navionics® + and HotMaps TM Platinum+.

For more info check out Humminbirds Facebook page via the link below.

Humminbird AU & NZ Facebook Page

Tight lines, Mr Sonar.